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Lumber and shingles were charged for by the square foot, and any commodity sold by the bushel was one and one-half cent per bushel.At some time during that year the County Commissioners authorized the construction of a town hall on county property, the site of the present (1975) city hall.Beaufort County went for Stanly. Mr. Ruffin remained in Congress and went out when the State seceded.We watched them from our porch, proud of the brave and willing spirit that sent them to do their duty, but with tear-dimmed eyes for the vacant places by the firesides, and the uncertainty of their coming back to fill them.This particular paper also gave returns of the recent Congressional election in the district.The first woman to sign a deed in Washington transferring property was Mary Bonner, wife of Col.The family was a distinguished one and many were prominent in the Cause of Independence during the Revolution.

A musical called —The Dixie Blackbirds— was sponsored, which proved profitable.His career voluntarily ended his second day out, however, when he threw out a pan of soapy dishwater into the Pamlico and discovered that all of the tugboat silverware was in the suds.

Stringing long pine needles was the most tedious of the jobs.In 1727 and 1728 the colony had eleven parishes and in 1754 there were thirty-two parishes.Farming was by far the largest business in the county, principally cotton, corn, beans and later tobacco.Now, happily, it has begun to tick again and to strike regularly on the hour.

He was also a musician, a violinist, who had a popular dance band.These cases tested whether bonds, notes, and securities payable in gold coin could be legally paid in other currency.John Williams are perhaps more largely responsible for our public health service in Beaufort County than any other two men.Then it opens in answer to a shrill whistle from an impatient tugboat that wants to go through.The heartbroken young widow could no longer endure Mobile so she returned to her childhood home, Washington, North Carolina, to live with another sister, Virginia, Mrs.He founded M. C. Harvey Grocery Store on the north east corner of Fourth and Respass streets.The gunboats were anchored in the river in front of the town, and our people were most uncomfortable and unhappily situated.

Donnell served in the same capacity in the house until he was elected speaker.Interestingly enough lots in Oakdale sold for twelve dollars and a half.

Farmers owning trucks and persons engaged in hauling produce to and from the various farms in this county must obtain —certificates of war necessity.— These certificates must be carried on all trucks after November 1.Some of the teachers for the years 1903-1908 in the public school were: White—Mrs.The present church at 100 West Fourth Street was furnished with beautiful.The inscription on the stone suggests that she died of a broken heart.The committee meets once a month, usually beginning in October or November, and in recent years, an evaluation meeting is held in July following the festival.Wilkinson, is the focal point for overnight stops by yachts using the Intracoastal Waterway.Brady, Luky Wallace, E. Beth, N. Oden, Northy Congleton, Col.

Church in Washington, North Carolina, a church he had been associated with all of his life.During the period from about 1900 to 1940 Aurora was a thriving rural community with a population of approximately five hundred people, not including those families living on farms surrounding the town.This meant a tremendous increase in passenger travel as well as freight, which in turn boosted and greatly increased the wholesale distributing business.It is likely that The Republican, the Washington Whig and Republican Gazette and the Washington Whig arose from the same source but changed names as its editors were changed.A collection of exquisite prints, —North American Wild Flowers— by Mary Vaux Wolcott, printed under the auspices of the Smithsonian Institute, has been given to the Brown Library as a memorial to Miss Smallwood.North Carolina Phosphate is now competing with Texasgulf for the rich lands, and plans are underway for this company to begin mining operations soon.

Here he lived for the next four years, studying instrumentation and conducting, with Robin Goldmark and Walter Rothwell, and serving as Music Critic for a London newspaper as he was to later serve the New York Herald Tribune and other papers in that capacity.The women commissioners put on a campaign to beautify Bath by cleaning it up.A good many families had three servants, a cook, a nurse for the children and a man servant.On April 30, 1969, the stately old building, which had been built for use by the Washington Collegiate Institute in 1921, was purchased. (Between W. C. I.—s demise in the thirties and the purchase of this building it had been used as an apartment house.).A good high school serves the town and a large area surrounding it.The churchbell was taken from one of the vessels which came into the harbour at Bath and is now used by Bath High School.The bank in Hyde County did not get the word and stayed open the entire banking holiday.Washington was always great on having a parade, but the greatest of all were torchlight parades to celebrate some great political victory or to honor some celebrity.He served at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio until 1960 when he assumed Command of the San Antonio Air Materiel Area at Kelly Air Force Base in Texas.

Although he was probably the largest landowner, Southey Kease owned considerable property in an area today called Keyesville.April 8—Washington Detachment of Naval Militia leaves for Norfolk.Other Names Relating to Shipping Included in Fowle Journals and Ledgers.But at sight of any of us in the yard or garden they would sing loudly, —Hang Capt.Legend says that there was, but that circumstances combined to prevent her marriage.

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